Feed your blog to twitter automatically using twitter feed,you just put in your blog/website URL twitter feed will automatically extract your RSS feed URL from your blog or website.First enter the feed name and URL,you can also choose the shorten link to be display from this list like bit.ly,Digg,dot.tk etc.After finish this step the next step is choose the service from the list of services available.

The Available Services
  • Twitter
  • Statusnet
  • Ping.fm
  • Hello.txt
  • Facebook
You can choose the update frequency time for the new post.It also allow to post the feed with title and description also,you can add prefix or suffix to the tweets.Another important one is keyword filter option,if you wish to tweet selected post means use this option to  filter your posts by using keywords to auto-approve new posts.keyword filter options are 
  • To only post items that include certain words: add them below separated by a space, eg. "apple pear" will only publish posts that contain the word apple OR the word pear.
  • To exclude posts with a certain word: prefix it wth --, eg. --apple will exclude all posts with the word apple in them.