Google Chrome 10 comes with a full range of competitive features, and is among the most standards-compliant and fastest browsers available. It lacks some of the fine-tuning customizations in Firefox, but Chrome's minimalist interface, fast page-load times, and support for extensions make the browser appealing to the average user as well as to Google fanatics.
       The big change in Chrome 10 is a dramatically faster JavaScript engine. Other changes include moving settings from a separate dialog box into a single tab, and limited hardware acceleration for video playback.

Four versions of Chrome available at the moment are,
Chrome beta (Windows | Mac)
Chrome dev (Windows | Mac)
Chrome Canary (Windows only)

Based on the open-source WebKit engine and Google's V8 JavaScript engine, Google Chrome debuted to much fanfare because of its rocketing rendering speeds. Two years down the line, that hasn't changed, and the stable version of Chrome remains one of the fastest stable browsers available. The less stable versions, with their more recent improvements and bug fixes, are often faster.Google has claimed that Chrome 10 is 66 percent faster than Chrome 9.

The best thing about this new beta is speed - it's 25% faster on V8 benchmark and 35% faster on the Sunspider benchmark than the current stable channel version and almost twice as fast when compared to  original beta version.